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Registrar Agency Department

The principal development goals of Capital Securities' Registrar Agency Department are to provide clients with the most comprehensive professional advices and the best registrar service arrangement. At present, the Registrar Agency Department acts as a transfer agent for more than 365 companies, including famous enterprises like AGV Products Corp., SINON Corp., Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp., JANFUSUN Fancyword Corp., Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd., Elitegroup Computer Systems Co., Ltd., Hung Sheng Construction Co., Ltd., China Steel Chemical Corporation, WPG Holdings, Entie Bank, Feng Tay Group, International Games System, Asia Pacific Telecom Co., Ltd., Highwealth Construction Co., Grape King Bio Ltd., Chong Hong Construction Co., Ltd., Hocheng Corp., Chailease Holding, Dynapack International Technology Corp., Ve Wong Corp., TTY Biopharm Co., Ltd., etc. Meanwhile, in response to the demand for online information environment, the Registrar Agency Department has developed fully-automated online information services to provide more rapid and comprehensive services. Its "Employee Stock Option Online System" has earned positive feedback from clients and employees alike.

Capital Capital Securities' Registrar Agency Department has professionals with significant legal background and practical experience to provide issuers with high value-added professional services. We are actively expanding the business scope towards professional, customized, and internationalized registrar services. We are currently the only securities firm in the market capable of providing customized services for transnational merger & acquisition, stock split, and equity transfer. We can assist original shareholders of corporations to exercise their equity rights after a corporation is listed in an overseas stock market. Moreover, we can also provide transnational transfer services for centrally-deposited shares in domestic and foreign equity transfers. Some major cases that we have processed include the following:

  • 1Stock transfer between UTAC (Taiwan) Corp. and Singapore’s UTAC and issuance of new shares in Singapore: We worked with the issuing company to complete the first equity transfer of a transnationally-listed corporation in Taiwan. Given a lack of precedence, we had to overcome many obstacles and comply with the governing laws and regulations of Taiwan and Singapore in order to complete the complicated equity transfer arrangement. We assisted the issuing company and shareholders in completing the equity transfer with the utmost efficiency and at the lowest costs. Thus, upon the listing in the Singapore Exchange, shareholders were able to immediately conduct trading.
  • 2Equity transfer between Central Property & Casualty Insurance and AIG Direct Marketing Co. (AIGDMC) and redemption of preferred shares: The planning of equity transfer for the foreign group's merger & acquisition of a listed company, the conversion of Central Property & Casualty Insurance shares into AIGDMC preferred shares, and the distribution of share subscription payments were successfully completed.
  • 3Equity transfer between Chailease Finance Co., Ltd and the Cayman Islands’ Financial One Corp. and the subsequent listing on the Singapore Exchange: The equity transfer following an offshore company’s merger & acquisition of a Taiwanese company and the subsequent listing on the Singapore Exchange involved the securities laws and regulations of three countries. Moreover, a comprehensive plan was successfully provided to the Singapore Exchange as a part of the listing application.

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