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Derivatives Department

The primary businesses of Derivatives Department are issuing call/put warrants, ETN(Exchange-traded Note), as a LP(Liquidity Provider) or PD(Participate Dealer) for ETFs,and managing TAISDAQ-related derivatives like structured products and equity options. Meanwhile, we are committed to the research and development of various trading strategies and valuation models to foster the continuous innovation in product design. Derivatives Department aims to keep launching new products and design more diversified and customized investment channels for investors so they may cope with the mercurial environment in the finance market.

In the warrant business, we implemented the liquidity provider system in 2009. Before the end of 2008, Capital Securities led the industry in developing a warrant trading information system, which effectively enhanced the liquidity of warrants issued by Capital Securities and their correlation with the underlying stocks and provided a sound trading environment to warrant investors. Capital Securities also constantly introduces new types of warrants; as a leading brand in the market. The number of listing warrants, Capital Securities ranks second, and TOP2 volume in warrant trading market of Taiwan. In addition to providing excellent warrant products and a sound trading environment, Capital Securities is also dedicated to educating warrant investors. We convey correct warrant investment concepts to investors through investment forums, warrant information released through the media and establishment of a public information platform.

In 2019, we collaborate with FTSE Russell to issue the very first ESG ETN which listed in Taipei Exchange. The ETN tracks the return of ‘’FTSE Divest Invest China A50 Index’’ which help meet the needs of investors looking to incorporate ESG factors into their portfolios.

Regarding TAISDAQ derivative products, Capital Securities mainly provides structured products and equity options services linked to listed stocks in Taiwan. We pursue short-duration products featuring simple structure and high transparency to provide clients with diversified and safe investment channels. Looking ahead, Derivatives Department will strive to maintain Capital Securities as the leading brand of domestic derivatives products. We will maintain a consistently innovative spirit, develop competitive products, persistently develop overseas markets, and actively transform Capital Securities into an international securities firm.