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Corporate Social Responsibility

The operating development of the Capital Group has been adhering to an idea of Corporate Social Responsibility, and we deeply believe that customers as well as staff are important assets in any growing enterprise. Therefore, we emphasize our dedication in caring and satisfying clients' needs. The Capital also improves employees' professions by establishing Capital Finance College, which shapes the organization culture of continuous education. In addition to professional knowledge, we demand the staff should follow codes of conducts in financial services. All these efforts are to create better investing environment and maintain sustainable earnings.

As to community commitment, the Capital Group always spares no effort to promote the values of ecosystem protection. We practice environmental protection in daily life, and respond to "Love-Earth Activity" initiated by environmental working groups.

In charity efforts, the Capital Group is the first securities firm to collect books, stationery and after-school care funds for the students in remote regions which results in enthusiastic responses among the society. Moreover,the Capital Group sets February as the blood donation month and calls upon warmhearted contributions from its staff and clients in charity activities. Over the years, we have fulfilled Capital's Corporate Social Responsibility by donating ambulances to Taipei City Government and becoming Mennonite Christian Hospital's ambassador for charity.

The Capital Group continues to devote itself to the care of environmental protection issues, disadvantaged groups, arts as well as medical treatment. Furthermore, we strive to enhance the brand image and market popularity of "Capital Care", widely promoting financial services and social responsibilities of the Capital Group.