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Proprietary Trading Department

Proprietary Trading Department is manned with seasoned professional traders who have worked in the securities industry for more than eight years to build strong credential in both research and trading. Our activities cover securities trading in Taiwan’s stock exchange market, TAISDAQ market and futures market, investment in foreign equities, adjustment of supply and demand in the market, and acting as a market maker in coordination with underwriters. We are also engaged in trading of weighted index futures and options. With investments in various financial markets and instruments, we are able to effectively decrease systemic risk and enhance trading flexibility.

Our trading strategy focuses on fundamental analysis with technical analysis as a supplement. Short/mid-term trading is our major trading principle. Furthermore, we convene investment decision meetings regularly to analyze major issues like global market trends, bullish and bearish factors, macroeconomic environment, economies of industries, and global commodities trends. Investment targets and trading strategies are stipulated accordingly. In accordance with the trend of globalization and new securities regulations, we have become more active in trading of foreign securities and derivatives. In addition, Proprietary Trading Department follows the prosperous development of ETFs. Through ETFs, our trading related to indexes, energy and commodities enable us to diversify investment risk and maximize return.