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Brokerage Department

Capital Securities provides clients with investment services covering diversified financial products. We have outstanding business performance amid intense competition in the domestic securities market. In 2020, when the financial environment underwent transformation, our brokerage business was ranked first among independent securities firms. Capital Securities has branches located in major cities of Taiwan. In addition to the regular brokerage business, such as securities trading in the TAIEX and TAISDAQ markets, Capital Securities also offers a wide range of financial services, including credit transactions of margin purchase and short sale, borrowing and lending of funds for unrestricted purposes, SBL, and consigned trading of index/stock futures, options, foreign securities and structured products denominated in NTD. Capital Securities’ wealth management trust businesses also include portfolio management, insurance product consultation and sale, etc.

With gradual deregulation of securities firms, Capital Securities provides customized services with innovative ideas. In response to digital service users’ demand, we launched “Capital Master Account”, sparing our brokerage clients from opening bank accounts. Therefore, account opening may become more efficient, saving social resources and creating sustainable values for enterprises.

Capital Securities is committed to developing digital services and wealth management business by providing customers with increasingly diversified products and customized services. Our vision is to assist customers to optimize their investment planning and seek the maximum return.