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Capital Investment Management Corporation

Since its establishment in February 1990, Capital Investment Management Corporation, featuring a professional research team highly experienced in financial asset planning with solid product design and analysis capabilities, has effectively satisfied the demanding requirements of its clients according to their risk tolerance. Capital Investment Management distinguishes itself with the following characteristics:

  • 1Innovative financial investment strategies through combination of multiple strategies, diversified allocation, and risk hedging.
  • 2Construction of transparent investment models through quantitative financial engineering.
  • 3Passive risk control model and active risk management mechanism. With a goal to create long-term and stable absolute return for clients, we have earned the trust and confidence of domestic and foreign institutional investors and private banking establishments.

Capital Investment Management Corporation's main services include:

  • 1Commissioned by clients to provide research, analysis and recommendations pertaining to securities investment.
  • 2Analyze and assess overseas mutual funds approved by regulatory authorities.
  • 3Organize seminars on securities investment.
  • 4Publish materials on securities investment.
  • 5Actively seek opportunities in distribution of overseas funds.
  • 6Other businesses authorized by the Securities and Futures Bureau of the Financial Supervisory Commission.

Capital Investment Management Corporation strives to leverage on the solid foundation built by Capital Group and to provide diversified, professional and customized investment services to institutional investors and corporations. We build upon our professional talents, experience and innovation to create investment products with low correlation and high transparency. We aim to optimize investors’ portfolios and to generate the best returns for investors through our products and services.