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Capital Insurance Agency Corporation / Capital Insurance Advisory Corporation

In order to effectively grasp the business trend needed in the delivery of the total financial services, in 2000 Capital Group established Capital Insurance Agency Corp. and the Capital Insurance Advisory Corp. Capital Securities is the most active and aggressive securities firm in conducting insurance brokerage / agency business. The Capital Insurance Advisory Corp. and Capital Insurance Agency Corp. work closely with reputable domestic and foreign property and life insurance companies in business promotion to provide customers with insurance planning services and financial information. Currently there are 21 life insurance companies and 15 property insurance companies working with Capital Insurance Advisory Corp. and Capital Insurance Agency Corp. in providing a full range of products covering traditional insurance products to investment insurance, savings insurance and annuity insurance products. Since its establishment, Capital Insurance has signed over 107,000 insurance policies and the number of clients has exceeded 34,000.

Major businesses

Life insurance:

  • 1Individual life insurance planning and sales:
    • (1) Individual life insurance: whole life insurance, term life insurance, pension insurance and investment-linked insurance, etc.
    • (2) Individual accidental death and disability insurance: accidental death and disability insurance, travel insurance and other injury insurances, etc.
    • (3) Individual health insurance: comprehensive health and daily indemnity insurance, whole-life indemnity insurance and cancer insurance, etc.
    • (4) Individual annuity insurance: immediate annuity and deferred annuity, etc.
  • 2 Group life insurance:
    • (1) Group life insurance: group term life insurance, etc.
    • (2) Group accidental and death insurance: group accidental and death insurance, group workers’ compensation insurance, group travel insurance, etc.
    • (3) Group health insurance: group medical insurance and group cancer insurance, etc.

Property insurance:

  • 1Personal property and casualty insurance plan: fire insurance, automobile and motorcycle insurance and home content insurance, etc.
  • 2Business property and casualty insurance plan: fire insurance, automobile insurance, engineering insurance, public liability insurance, directors & officers liability insurance, electronic equipment insurance, fidelity bonding insurance, cash insurance, product liability insurance, employer liability accident insurance and bond insurance, etc.

Other services:

  • 1Professional insurance consulting services.
  • 2Tax planning.