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CSC Venture Capital Corporation

Established in 2016, CSC Venture Capital Corp. is a fully-owned subsidiary of Capital Securities Corp. By utilizing its parent company’s resources and staying closely in touch with the capital market, as well as possessing sufficient experiences in executing venture capital investments and wealth management plans, CSC Venture Capital Corp. is able to provide its investment targets long-term, stable financial resources and comprehensive assistance in areas ranging from IPO consultations, share distribution and allocation, financial services, etc.

Our service scope includes:

  • 1Venture capital investment
    • Investing in start-ups from home and abroad;
    • Providing investee companies planning/consultancy services, being involved with the operations of the investee companies, assisting the companies in introducing advanced technologies from abroad, etc.;
    • post-investment management
  • 2Financial consultancy business
    • Private equity financing;
    • M&A;
    • Corporate restructuring;
    • Corporate value assessment;
    • Consultancy on IPO projects at home and abroad


  • By making professional investment assessments, providing consultations to and assisting the many domestic businesses with innovative business models and cutting-edge technologies in obtaining funds for different stages of developments, we, a securities company with a comprehensive range of services, help excellent enterprises achieve steady business growth.
  • In addition to injecting the needed funds into our investment targets, we also provide business advice to them.
  • Based on the business development needs of our investment targets, we provide advice on business operations, introduce new technologies or other strategic investors, as well as providing services on stock affairs, corporate financing/IPO, and subsequent services concerning institutional investors, stock brokerage, wealth management, etc.
  • By channeling domestic capital into emerging industries and assisting our investment targets in introducing advanced technologies from abroad, we thus enhance the emerging industries in Taiwan.