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CSC Securities (HK) Ltd.

CSC Securities (Hong Kong) Limited, the Hong Kong subsidiary of Capital Securities Corporation, was established in 1993 and is the licensed institution approved by the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited to engage in securities trading activities. It is also one of the participants of the Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited. In respond to the rapidly developing financial markets, CSC Securities (Hong Kong) Limited possesses a team of prominent and experienced investment professionals to provide diversified financial management services to our clients in Greater China through a comprehensive financial services platform, which offers various trading services covering Renminbi and fixed income products, hedging instruments, program trading, innovative financial products and electronic trading systems.

We proactively capture the unleashing business opportunities in Greater China by broadening the scope and enhancing the quality of wealth management and portfolio management businesses. We aim at providing professional, unique and excellent investment services to institutional and high-net-worth clients in this region.

The main business units in CSC Securities (Hong Kong) Limited include: 1) Brokerage Department 2) Global Investment Department 3) Proprietary Trading Department and 4) Research Department. Their respective activities are summarized as follows:

Brokerage Department:

Brokerage department dedicates a wide range of wealth management services to our clients. Not only does this department cover securities trading of Hong Kong equities, IPO and share placement subscription, equity financing and short selling services, but also provide a comprehensive trading platform assisting clients in trading securities, funds and worldwide financial products on the world's major securities exchanges.

Meanwhile, to enable clients to maximise investment returns through leveraging, our experienced investment professionals provide in-depth investment advice according to individual client needs and assist them in managing financing risks. More importantly, proactively securing clients’assets is our major principle.

Global Investment Department:

Global Investment Department at CSC Securities (Hong Kong) Limited focus on cross-border transactions through its extensive connection with the global financial markets. Besides providing trading services in the world's major securities markets, we also provide a variety of cross-border financial derivatives trading in primary and secondary markets over the globe by our professional team providing tailor-made investment advice.

As China gradually opens the door to its financial market, our Global Investment Department plays a key role as the stepping stone for the Greater China market. We aim at becoming the best institution in the Greater China investment markets by building a cross-strait platform through business diversification and resources integration.

Proprietary Trading Department:

Our group's extensive research strength, trading experiences and talents enable CSC Securities (Hong Kong) Limited to adequately capture financial markets' opportunities by tactic investments in various financial instruments to maximise our company's value.

Research Department:

In view of the growing connectivity among the financial markets of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in Greater China, our Group possesses a highly experienced research team with more than 60 professional analysts spanning across Taipei, Hong Kong and Shanghai in order to meet with the swiftly changing environment due to ample liquidity among different financial markets and high degree of correlation among various industries in the region.

We conduct investment markets analyses based on the integrated concepts of the Greater China Economic Circle. We provide real-time and daily trading strategies, macroeconomic reviews, industry analyses and individual company research reports for local, regional and global institutional investors and also individual investors. Moreover, our research reports and research team's investment commentaries are widely published in the renowned financial media platforms such as Bloomberg and Reuters. The Hong Kong financial market is the vital harbour for Taiwanese and Chinese enterprises relying on raising capital. With our strongly established foundation in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai, our research team is capable of providing the most in-depth and timely investment information.