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Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee of Capital Futures has been established on 2011which consists of 3 members who are all meet the authorized qualifications. The duties of Remuneration Committee are assisting the Board in discharging its responsibilities relating to form and review regularly the Company’s compensation and benefits policies, plans and programs, and the evaluation of the directors’ and executives’ compensation.

A.Capital Futures Remuneration Committee members:
Title Name/Criteria Meets One of the Following Professional Qualification Requirements, Together with at Least Five Years’ Work Experience Number of Other Public Companies
in Which the Individual is
Concurrently Serving as an
Remuneration Committee Member
Academic Background (Experience)
An instructor or higher position in a department of commerce, law, finance, accounting, or other academic department related to the business needs of the Company in a public or private junior college, college or university A judge, public prosecutor, attorney, Certified Public Accountant, or other professional or technical specialist who has passed a national examination and been awarded a certificate in a profession necessary for the business of the Company Has work experience in the areas of commerce, law, finance, or accounting, or otherwise necessary for the business of the Company


Chuang, Chih-Chen   0

Department of Law
National Taiwan University
Lawyer of Time-law office

Chen, Kuo-Tay     0

Ph.D., Management, McCombs School of Business , University of Texas at Austin
Department of Accounting, National Taiwan University, Professor
Department of Business administration, Purdue  University, Associate Professor,
Taiwan Cooperative Bank Co., Ltd., Director

Li, Shen-Yi   1

Department of Law
National Taiwan University
Consumers’ Foundation, Chairman
China Airlines, Director
Win Semiconductors Co., Independent Director

B.The Remuneration Committee has convened for 7 times (A) in 2020. The attendance situation is shown below:
Title Name Actual attendance (B) Proxy Attendance

Actual attendance

Independent Director (Convener) Chuang, Chih-Chen 7 0 100.00  
Independent Director Chen, Kuo-Tay 7 0 100.00  
Committee member Li, Shen-Yi 7 0 100.00