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Company Milestones

Date Milestones
1997 The Capital Futures Brokerage Crop. Was established on February 26th. Became a public company in November.
1998 Approved as a General Clearing Member of Taiwan Futures Exchange in March and started to provide the clearing services for concurrent FCM and the Introducing Brokers.
2003 Acquired the Futures Advisory License in February.
Started the proprietary trading business in December and changed the name of the firm to “Capital Futures Crop.”
2004 Reinvested a subsidiary named Capital Managed Futures Business Corp. in May, providing the discretionary services.
2008 The stocks of the company traded on the emerging market, starting from May 15th.
Approved to promote the futures advisory service and training in Mainland China in September.
2009 The stocks of the company listed on the Gre Tai Securities Market (over-the-counter Market) on April 27th.
2010 Approved to provide the service of securities introducing brokerage and to operate concurrently managed futures business in August.
2012 Approved to reinvest the CSC Futures (Hong Kong) Ltd. in August.
2015 Reinvest Capital True Partner Advisor (HK), Type 9 HK License, Asset Management Business.
Approved the securities proprietary trading business in September.
2016 textOur subsidiary, CSC Futures (HK), was approved to engage in securities and futures business in Mainland China from February, 2016.
Capital Futures was approved to concurrently operate a leverage transaction merchant in April, 2016.
The first leverage transaction merchant approved by the Central Bank to conduct business of foreign exchange margin trading in December, 2016.
2017 The stocks of the company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) on October 16th.