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Audit Committee

A.Capital Futures Audit Committee Members
Title Name Gender Academic Background (Experience)
Independent Director (Convener) Chuang, Chih-Chen Male

Department of Law
National Taiwan University
Lawyer of Time-law office

Independent Director Chen, Kuo-Tay Male Ph.D., Management, McCombs School of Business , University of Texas at Austin
Department of Accounting, National Taiwan University, Professor
Department of Business administration, Purdue  University, Associate Professor,
Taiwan Cooperative Bank Co., Ltd., Director
Independent Director Hsiao, Nai-Ching Female

Master of Department of Law, National Chung Hsing University,
Judge of Supreme Court

B.The operation of the Auditing Committee:
The Auditing Committee is consist of 3 independent directors which qualified by authorities, the composition, duties and operation. It has convened for 4 times (A) in 2020. The attendance of the independent directors is shown below:
Title Name Actual attendance (B) Proxy Attendance

Actual attendance

Independent Director (Convener) Chuang, Chih-Chen 4 0 100.00  
Independent Director Chen, Kuo-Tay 4 0 100.00  
Independent Director Hsiao, Nai-Ching 2 0 100.00 Newly-appointed on June. 19h, 2020