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Capital Investment Trust Corporation

Capital Investment Trust Corporation was founded in October 1995. The scale of its discretionary assets has grown rapidly due to its excellent investment performance endorsed by investors. According to the data from the Securities Investment Trust & Consulting Association Of The R.O.C. as of January 2013, the combined discretionary assets of Capital Investment Trust Corporation already exceeded NT$130 billion.

Capital Investment Trust Corporation has always been committed to product research and development, and has in recent years established Financial Derivatives Department and Global Research Department to introduce more diversified fund products. In addition to keeping a leading role in the scale of Taiwan stock funds, we set up an international investment research team which is more complete than our competitors' in order to aggressively promote our overseas funds. With a strong investment research team and excellent and stable performance of funds under our management, Capital Investment Trust Corporation has won 68 significant awards from domestic and foreign evaluating agencies since 1999. We also set an outstanding record of winning awards in 14consecutive years, and our performance has been well recognized. In the future, Capital Investment Trust Corporation will persist in being devoted to complete developments of fund asset managements and overseas fund goods. Striving for complete the production line to satisfy the diverse chrematistic requirement of all investors.

Capital Investment Trust Corporation upholds the spirit of integrity, professionalism, innovation and persistence in safeguarding the investors' assets, and expects to be a trustworthy partner in the realm of financial management.